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Euro Grues: A crane rental and sales company & their 10 guarantees

Euro Grues’ international reputation is founded on their attractive prices and high-quality services. Its experts have extensive experience in the field, enabling the company to provide the best lifting solutions for each project. Above all, Euro Grues guarantees its customers that they are committed to providing advice that will enable them to make the best choice when it comes to purchasing or renting a crane and will assist in their installation and use under the best, most reliable and safe conditions in order to complete their projects on time and under budget.


1 Euro Grues is committed to providing top-quality crane rental services by guaranteeing you the following:

  • A unique package deal that includes transport, assembly and dismantling
  • A proportional crane rental price calculated according to the number of weeks the crane is rented
  • Flexible crane rentals that can be extended if your construction project runs over schedule

2 Before you start your project, Euro Grues will assist you in making the best choices by providing you with options that meet your technical specifications and production schedule.

3 Euro Grues offers you a very wide array of cranes (for rent or sale) for all types of jobs.

4 Euro Grues offers you highly flexible services, adapted to your needs and your on-site constraints.

5 Euro Grues takes charge of the complete on-site assembly and disassembly of its lifting equipment while paying special attention to your specific needs.

6 Euro Grues’ lifting equipment is approved by accredited agencies in each country.

7 For each crane rental, Euro Grues provides its customers with precise instructions and remains at their disposal throughout the duration of their project.

8 In most cases, Euro Grues guarantees services in case of a breakdown within 24 hours, or even depending on the country location, a rapid intervention within 4 hours.

9 Euro Grues provides competitive rates without reducing the quality of its crane services.

10 Euro Grues will carefully look at each project in order to understand your needs while taking into account your constraints and respecting your budget.

Choose Euro Grues a leading crane rental and sales company

Euro Grues: Much more than a crane rental company

Would you like to join the long list of companies that trust Euro Grues when it comes to purchasing or renting cranes? Whether you are looking to purchase or rent a crane, Euro Grues’ cranes meet all of its client’s needs. Whatever your sector and the nature of your project, Euro Grues will carefully inspect your demands while taking into account your needs and constraints. As an expert crane rental and dealer that operates around the world, Euro Grues will do everything in its power to find the best possible lifting solution for your needs, while respecting your deadlines and budget.

A sales team sepcializing in lifting solutions

Our sales team is available Monday to Friday from 8AM to 6PM and is ready to answer any questions you might have about our crane services and provide you with the best possible lifting solutions:

Telephone: 00376 362 013
E-mail: eurogrues@andorra.ad

You can also fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.

Our office located in Andorra

Ctra. de L’Obac, Terra de les Costelles del Tresà

Our showroom:

Ctra. de L’Obac, Terra de les Costelles del Tresà