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Services & expertise

Euro Grues: providing expertise and assistance on crane repair inspections and maintenance

No matter the make and model of your crane, Euro Grues will provide you with the following services: repairs, inspections, maintenance and on-site assistance. With Euro Grues, each crane repair or inspection is carried out properly, taking into account your constraints and your crane brand’s specific care instructions, so that you will secure a better return on investment.


Crane repair, assistance and expertise for all brands

On-site crane repairs, assistance and expertise with Euro Grues

Euro Grues guarantees quality and quick assistance when you need it most! Our EMERGENCY SERVICE is available 24/7. Our experts have been trained to work with an extensive array of different mobile and tower cranes. Our experienced technicians are taught about each machine’s technical features. Crane repairs can be carried out around the world on-site in record time and at affordable prices. Our employees are able to assess what has caused a breakdown in a short period of time and repair your crane immediately, providing you with alternative solutions and/or replacing defective parts while working within your deadlines.

Purchasing spare parts

Euro Grues is able to manage crane repairs and purchase spare parts if necessary! The company’s large fleet of mobile and tower cranes allow them to have access to the manufacturers’ stocks at reduced prices.

Euro Grues’ crane maintenance inspection services

Site equipment revisions conducted in compliance with international rules and standards

In order to operate the equipment it is subject to numerous inspections pertaining to the machine’s efficiency and safety. Depending on the geographical location in which it will be operating, your crane must undergo regular inspections. In addition, before a crane can be used on-site, a recognized agency from the country concerned must carry out an administrative and technical inspection. Crane inspections in Europe are similar however the inspection guidelines vary from country to country.

Periodic crane inspections

Periodic crane inspections must be carried out every three months by a certified inspection agency. During the crane inspection, according to article 281 of the legislation on the well-being of workers (RGPT), our inspectors check the following:

  • Check that the safety notices are present
  • See if there is excessive wear on brake and hoist end stops
  • Check the general condition of safety devices and lifting equipment such as cables, chains and hooks
  • Annual inspection of the load limiter and load torque and check for excessive wear of components, mechanisms and trucks

European crane inspections

European crane inspections are performed as per article 281 of the legislation on the well-being of workers (RGPT) and include various checks including the following:

Administrative crane inspections:

  • Check that the crane has a CE mark
  • Check that the crane’s CE conformity mark is valid
  • Check that the CE mark meets requirements
  • Check that the operating manual is present
  • Check the crane manufacturer’s identification plate

Technical inspections for cranes:

  • Check malfunctioning parts that may endanger safety
  • Check safety devices and hoist end stops
  • Check the general condition of the crane

The load limiter is checked during all mobile crane inspections.

Tower cranes, construction cranes, workshop cranes and overhead cranes undergo the following inspections:

  • Check the systems that stabilize the crane during installation and assembly
  • Check the power supply connections
  • Make sure the crane can be accessed and check safety features and openings
  • Check the load limiter

Euro Grues: rental crane inspections and maintenance

Administrative documents and inspections that meet standards

Euro Grues’ crane maintenance services are incredibly thorough. All cranes and lifting equipment that Euro Grues rents undergo regular certified maintenance inspection. Each crane has its own inspection logbook that includes all of the necessary administrative documents.

Maintenance and repairs of Euro Grues equipment

The lifting equipment is checked before each rental crane is delivered. Euro Grues’ certified experts will complete a crane inspection and revision.

In addition, before the cranes are used on-site they undergo the following inspections:

  • An administrative crane inspection (conducted by an official agency from the concerned country)
  • A technical crane inspection (conducted by an official agency from the concerned country)

The guidelines for European crane inspections are similar in all European countries however they vary for countries outside of the EU!

Euro Grues is responsive in the case of crane assistance and repair. Euro Grues is able to ship original parts worldwide in less than 24 hours under most circumstances due to its expert management of in-stock cranes!

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Our sales team is available Monday to Friday from 8AM to 6PM and is ready to answer any questions you might have about our crane inspection, repair and maintenance services:

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