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New and used cranes for sale

Crane dealer Euro Grues: new and used cranes for sale

As an official representative of LIEBHERR and COMANSA crane brands, Euro Grues sells and buys used mobile and tower cranes all around the world. Euro Grues’ Purchase & Sale Department is comprised of experts who are well versed in the lifting equipment they offer. This crane dealer guarantees its customers reliable, secure transactions that will meet their every expectation. Euro Grues is renowned as a specialist in lifting solutions who rents, purchases and sells new and used cranes. The company provides a wide variety of top-quality crane services internationally and has experience working in nearly 30 countries on 5 continents.


Euro Grues crane dealer: an expert in lifting equipment

A selection of high-end lifting equipment & crane services

Lifting equipment that meets all international requirements

Euro Grues’ Purchase and Sales Department ensures that each of its new and used cranes for sale comes with the necessary authorizations and certificates of inspection needed for operating worldwide in many fields of activity, including: construction, industry, public works, etc. Euro Grues is extremely prudent about selling used cranes with all the administrative documents completed and full records of inspections. All used cranes sold on-site are reviewed by Euro Grues’ teams and may come with maintenance and after-sales services.

A fleet of machines ready to meet any challenge

No matter the construction site

The fleet of new and used cranes for sale makes operating all projects simple no matter how complex they are. Our array of cranes will meet all of our customer’s needs and can cater to the specificities of their site. Euro Grues’ Purchase and Sales Department has highly-knowledgeable staff that is well versed in their top-quality equipment.

Operating internationally

Euro Grues’ Purchase and Sales Department offers international logistics services, which can handle all the tasks required to transport, assemble and operate the used cranes that it sells. They also offer the following services for their used cranes: logistics, transport, assembly/disassembly, after-sales services, maintenance and much more. Depending on the type of project you are working on, we also propose the services of a team of individuals that signal traffic around the construction site and will take care of all the procedures required for obtaining permits.

New and used cranes for sale from the brands Liebherr et Comansa

Comansa: a Spanish crane manufacturer

Euro Grues’ Purchase and Sales Department has chosen to work with the crane manufacturer Comansa. This company sells cranes in more than 70 countries, employs 450 people and has a turnover of nearly 80 million euros. This Spanish lifting equipment manufacturer is a multinational company that is present on the world’s largest construction sites. A recognized specialist in tower cranes, Comansa has gained the respect and trust of the key Spanish, European and global lifting equipment contractors. Comansa offers an expansive array of tower cranes that have effective technical features and overall operating weights from 4 to 90 tons and booms spanning 35 to 85 metres. This crane manufacturer is at the forefront of innovative lifting equipment. As a representative of the Comansa brand, Euro Grues is an official crane dealer in Andorra and is authorized to sell this brand’s new cranes.

Liebherr: a German crane manufacturer

One of Euro Grues’ Purchase and Sales Department’s top goals is to offer high-end lifting equipment so the decision to work with Liebherr was only natural because this German multinational is the leading brand on the market! Liebherr specializes in selling an impressive selection of mobile cranes and is proud to update its line of products in order to meet the market’s strict requirements, providing multipurpose cranes with comfortable operating cabins at competitive prices. Liebherr cranes are designed with all-terrain undercarriages, are fast and have a high load capacity ranging from 35 to 1,200 tons. Euro Grues is the official Liebherr crane dealer in Andorra and is therefore authorized to sell new cranes from this brand.

Euro Grues: Andorra’s leading crane dealer

Euro Grues: experts in new and used cranes for sales

An international reputation

Euro Grues is an internationally renowned crane dealer that offers attractive prices and exclusive, high-quality crane services. Euro Grues has been fortified by its hands-on experience on more than 1,500 projects in 30 countries on 5 continents.

Sound advice without breaking the bank

Euro Grues’ Purchase and Sales Department is committed to carefully studying their customer’s needs and restraints in order to propose them with the most pertinent lifting solutions. When selling a new or used crane, Euro Grues provides the following crane rental services:

  • Several lifting solutions to choose from
  • Organizing the crane installation
  • Reliable and safe new and used cranes for sale
  • Providing affordable options
Available specialists

Euro Grues’ three key managers are easy to get a hold of and are in direct contact with prospective clients and customers:

  • Xavi LUQUE SANS: CEO, Technical Manager
  • Anna VILALTA LLAGUNES: Logistics and Administrative Manager

Euro Grue crane dealer helps you find the best new and used cranes for sale

In need of a lifting solution?

The crane dealer Euro Grues’ Purchase and Sales Department are at your disposal and are eager to meet all of your needs and offer you the best new and used cranes for sale in a timely manner and at affordable prices. Feel free to contact us for more information or a free estimate!

Are you looking to sell a Comansa ou Liebherr crane?

Are you planning to sell your Liebherr or Comansa crane? Euro Grues’ Purchase and Sales Department buys used cranes as long as they are in perfect condition, in compliance with international requirements and have international operating permits.

A crane dealer offering extra services with its new and used cranes for sale!

Euro Grues’ Purchase & Sales Department also offers you special transport services such as wide load road services. Are you looking for a new or a used crane for sale? Contact us today for any additional information about our mobile and tower cranes for sale!

Contact us to get a free estimate

Our sales team is available Monday to Friday from 8AM to 6PM and is ready to answer any questions you might have about our crane services and provide you with the best possible lifting solutions:

Telephone: 00376 362 013
E-mail: eurogrues@andorra.ad
WhatsApp: 00376 330 479

You can also fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.

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