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New and used cranes for sale

Hydro crane for sale with Euro Grues crane dealer


From a technical and conceptual point of view, the crane dealer Euro Grues’ sells remarkably efficient used fast-erecting hydro cranes. Fast-erecting hydro cranes are also called top-slewing cranes and self-erecting cranes.

The experts working in this crane dealer’s Purchase and Sales Department have carefully selected Liebherr and Comansa brand cranes for their all-terrain capacity. Their exclusive capabilities and features position these top-slewing cranes/self-erecting cranes at the forefront of modern lifting solutions. Whether new or used, the top-slewing cranes/self-erecting cranes that Euro Grues sells are top-quality machines in terms of profitability, mobility, load capacity, design, practicality, resistance and availability. This crane dealer has experience working on more than 1,500 construction sites in nearly 30 countries on 5 continents.

Euro Grues strives to sell only the finest quality used top-slewing cranes/self-erecting cranes. Whether your project falls into the category of construction, industry or public works, this crane dealer has extensive experience in all of these areas of activity.

Despite the complexity of your project, Euro Grues’ Purchase and Sales Department is comprised of recognized experts who will create custom-built lifting solutions that utilize their proven top-of-the-line lifting equipment and including all the necessary authorizations and certificates of inspection needed to operate hydro cranes worldwide.