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New and used cranes for sale

Buy a tower crane from Euro Grues: Andorra’s leading international crane dealer


The experts at Euro Grues’ Purchase and Sales Department offer you tower cranes that are adapted to your project’s specific requirements. Whether in construction, industry or public works, this crane dealer offers excellent quality tower cranes. Their highly reliable and affordable cranes allow companies to buy a tower crane that is not only perfect for the job at hand but that will secure a better return on investment.

Euro Grues has a large fleet of tower cranes for sale, allowing them to offer their customers personalized, high-performance and cost-effective lifting solutions. Liebherr and Comansa lifting equipment performs exceptionally well due to their lifting heights and load capacities!

Buying a tower crane with Euro Grues’ crane dealers means that you will enjoy a crane that is affordable while offering you mobility, excellent load capacity, lifting height, design, practicality, resistance, accessibility and on-site flexibility.

By buying a tower crane with Euro Grues you can rest assured that it will come with all of the necessary authorizations and certificates of inspection needed for operating worldwide. Euro Grues is present on 5 continents and has experience on more than 1,500 projects in 30 countries!