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Flat top tower cranes COMANSA // 2008

5LC 5010 Comansa 5LC5010 Occasion: Flat Top crane rental

Do you need to rent a used Flat Top Comansa crane? By renting this Flat Top crane, the 5LC5010 from Comansa, you will enjoy excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and an ergonomic command post in addition to the extraordinary Flat Top system. The cranes that make up the COMANSA 500 Series are the smallest of the COMANSA range. By renting this Comansa flat top used crane, you are renting a machine designed for those projects where light loads with a medium reach are necessary, such as residential construction works.

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About the used Comansa flat top 5LC 5010 crane for rent

A safe and fast lifting mechanism

Thanks to the optimized weights of all its elements and the quick connections between sections, the assembly of this used Comansa 5LC 5010 crane, for rent, is carried out simply, safely and in a very short time, which allows saving on auxiliary cranes mounting.

Rent a used 5LC 5010 flat top crane from the Comansa brand

Practical and combinable between them

As for all the cranes of this Comansa series, renting the 5LC 5010 flat top crane also allows many elements to be shared with each other, especially boom sections and the counterjib. This allows rental companies that have several Comansa cranes of this series in their fleet to carry out multiple configurations without having to acquire all the structural elements of a specific model. All models in the series allow a great variety of ranges, with derivatives every 2.5 meters.

Why rent the 5LC 5010 flat top crane from Comansa?

Renting this second hand crane 5LC 5010 Comansa allows you to save time and space. The tower elements of the 500 Series are monoblock sections, easy to transport and store, and a 1.2 meter frame, which makes it possible to take advantage of very small spaces for their assembly, such as an elevator shaft.

The Panoramic Cabin

On the Comansa 500 Series cranes, the Panoramic cab is offered as an optional element, which facilitates maximum productivity thanks to a total view of the load and the work area. Renting this used Comansa 5LC 5010 crane with the Panoramic cab ensures operator comfort with all kinds of amenities: thermal and acoustic insulation, tinted windows and standard heating, etc.


Our areas of intervention

The company works in the construction sector whatever the type of operation and the field of activity

  • * Tunnels
  • * Bridges
  • * Video surveillance montages
  • * Excavations
  • * Hydraulic works
  • * Schools
  • * Soil stabilization
  • * Sports complexes
  • * Ski slopes
  • * Structures for events and ephemeral ...
  • * ...

Who are we

Renting this used Comansa 5LC 5010 crane with EuroGrues is choosing a company that has more than 1,500 works in 30 countries on 5 continents. In addition to offering very attractive economic conditions, regardless of the crane brand chosen, EuroGrues has a great capacity to propose complete and tailor-made interventions all over the world. When you rent your Comansa used crane, Eurogrues manages all the stages of the rental of your crane: logistics, transport, administrative procedures, assembly and disassembly of cranes, after-sales service, maintenance, etc.

Contact us

At your service from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 18:00, the sales team Eurogrues is available to respond to your requests to rent a flat top crane 5LC 5010 from Comansa:

By phone: 00376 362013
By mail: eurogrues@andorra.ad
Via WhatsApp: 00376 362013

You can also fill in our contact form to get an answer or be contacted again.

Technical information

Maximum load capacity: 2500Kg
Range: 50m
Maximum lifting height: 30m